Welcome to Emily Nonya Home Cook

Specialise in Nonya home-style foods

My catalog consists primarily of Peranakan dishes passed down from my grandma and also a collection of home cooked meals enjoyed by my children, friends, relatives and customers. Variation of the dishes such as no sugar or low fat can be made on request to suit your taste. Only fresh ingredients are used.

This is a comprehensive compilation of recipes that I have amassed. These recipes have been simplified, and are provided with detailed step by step instructions or accompanying graphics (video where possible). If you require assistance, feel free to drop me a note.

Private Chef
For any occasion, be it home gatherings or important guest visiting, I can be hired as your private chef. This can include planning the menu based on the guests’ preferences, buying the ingredients, as well as cooking. If the premises permit, I can also hold a demonstration in the presence of the guest(s).

Private Lessons
I provide private lessons to those interested to learn the Peranakan cuisine hands on. Lessons are conducted privately and can include shopping for the ingredients, cleaning, preparation, cooking and serving. Private lessons can start with 1 but up to a maximum of 4. All ingredients included and this is conducted at the comfort of your home.