When preparing this dish, my grandma often ran short of crab meat. This is because when we retrieve crab meat from the flower crabs, some of it (or maybe a lot of it) often ended up in our tummy. Over the years we found a very good addition to the pork and crab meat ball that added some crunch as well. That is our secret addition to this recipe. Give this a try.

Serving portion : 25-30 meat balls (golf ball size)

The approach here is to group all the ingredients to facilitate the easier preparation.

Bakwan Kepiting Ingredients 1

Bakwan Kepiting Soup Ingredients 2

Bakwan Kepiting Ingredients 3

500g Minced Pork
1pc Flower Crab to retrieve 150g Crab Meat
1pc Tofu Fish to retrieve 100g Fish Meat
1/8 tsp Salt
1/8 tsp Pepper
20g Garlic
1 tbsp Oil
200g Bamboo Shoots
2 bunches Coriander leaves
2 pcs Chili Padi
1 tbsp Soya Sauce
3 tsp Soya Sauce
2 tsp Sesame Oil
1/8 tsp Pepper
750 ml Chicken Stock
Salt to taste

Bakwan Kepiting Ingredients 4


  • Big bowl to marinate the meat
  • Plate and steamer for the flower crab
  • Small spoon, fork and nut cracker may be required to extract crab meat
  • Food processor or blending fish meat
  • Pot with cover to hold water and meat ball

1. Make sure that the butcher washed the meat before grinding.
2. Place the meat into the big bowl and keep in refrigerator
3. Wash the flower crab, place on to place and place into steamer
4. Steam for 15mins, set aside to cool
5. Once cooled, extract the meat to get about 150g of crab meat
6. Add this crab meat to the big bowl with the minced pork
7. Make sure you get the fish monger to filet the fish both sides
8. Wash the fish and scrap fish meat ensuring there are no bones
9. Place fish meat into food processor, add in the salt and pepper, blend evenly
10. Add this blended fish meat to the big bowl with the minced pork
11. Chop garlic
12. Add half of garlic to the big bowl with the minced pork
13. Sauteed the remaining garlic and set aside for garnishing
14. Julienne the bamboo shoots.
15. Set aside 150g for use with soup
16. For remaining 50g, chop and add to the big bowl with minced pork
17. Chop coriander leaves
18. Leave about 1 table spoon for garnishing
19. Add remainder to the big bowl with minced pork
20. Cut up the chili padi and add to soya sauce for serving
21. 15. Add all the seasoning into the big bowl with the minced pork and other ingredient
22. 16. Using your hands, mix all the ingredients in the big bowl, squashing them occasionally.
23. Cover with cling wrap and keep in fridge for 2 hours
24. Once ready, roll them into balls

1. Heat the chicken stock in the pot and bring it to a boil
2. Put in the bamboo shoots then the minced pork and crab meat ball into the boiling chicken stock, cook for 10mins or until cooked
3. Taste the soup and add salt if required
4. Served soup garnishing with the sautéed garlic and chopped coriander leave
5. Add chopped chili padi to soya sauce as dip if desired


Emily’s Tips
1. Buy lean meat for grinding. If desired you can always request to add a little fat. The fat actually enhances the taste of the meat ball. Grind once if you do not want the meat to be too fine.
2. You can buy ready packed frozen crab meat, although the meat is not as fresh and sweet.
3. You can buy blended fish meat from the fish ball stall. It is usually salty and does not add that much of a crunch.
4. Adjust the bamboo shoot quantity to your family’s tastes. You can remove it completely from the soup but I recommend that you still add it to the meat. Replace the bamboo shoot in the soup with cabbage if desired.
5. You can also add 30g of minced mushroom to the meat for an added flavour in place of the bamboo or even with the bamboo.
6. Consider other additions to the soup such as tofu or rice vermicelli or even use it at home as soup base for noodles
7. If you do not have chicken stock, try this:
a. Sauteed 10g of chop garlic
b. Add 750 ml of water in place of chicken stock
c. Add 2-3 tsp of fish sauce
d. Taste to see if more to be added or salt to be added
8. You can cook the meat balls and keep frozen for up to 1 week.