This is one of my favourite desserts. I especially like the version with the tapioca colour ball. I like mine hot and with just a dash of palm or coconut sugar.

Serving portion : 2-4 servings

Total Duration : 60 mins
The approach here is to group all the ingredients to facilitate the easier preparation.

100g Sweet potato (Yellow)
100g Sweet potato (Orange)
100g Sweet potato (Purple)
100g Yam,
100g Tapioca Flour
1/8 tsp salt
50ml Boiling hot water
1 to 2 drops Colouring (Yellow, Green and Red)
500ml Water

Bubor Cha Cha Ingredients (Sago)

30g Sago
300ml Water
200g Palm or Coconut Sugar
2 stalk Pandan leave
1 Grated Coconut
100ml Water
1/8 tsp Salt


  • Plates and steamer for sweet potato and yam
  • Small bowl to mix flour and add colour
  • Pot to cook tapioca flour coloured balls
  • Pot to cook Sago
  • Sieve for sago
  • Pot to melt palm or coconut sugar
  • Pot to cook coconut milk

1. Peel or removed the skin of sweet potato and yam
2. Cut the skinned sweet potato and yam into cubes of about ½ inches
3. Place them in place and steam until soft (about 8 to 10mins)
4. Set aside
5. Put tapioca flour and salt into bowl, pour in the water and stir well
6. Cover and leave aside for 15mins
7. Mix and knead into a non-stick dough
8. Divide into 3 portions, mix each colour into each portion and continue to fold the colour into dough until even
9. Roll into long thin like a sausages and dice into cube and roll into ball
10. Boil the water and cook the tapioca ball, when the ball floats in the pot it is cooked (about 10 mins)
11. Dish out and set aside, discard water
12. Wash the sago in running water until the water is clear
13. Place the sago in pot with water and bring it to boil at low heat
14. Constantly stir to ensure it does not stick to pot, once all the sago ball turn transparent, it is cooked
15. Remove from fire and scoop content using the sieve, run this through tap water to remove access starch
16. Set aside
17. Wash pandan leaf and tied it into a knot
18. Place pandan leaf with sugar into pot, melt the sugar at low heat (do not add water)
19. Once melted, discard leave and dish it into bowl
20. Add water to grated coconut and extract 750ml of coconut milk

1. Heat coconut milk (E) in pot and add the salt (E)
2. Once warm, add all the sweet potato and yam (A), tapioca coloured balls (B) and sago (C) into pot.
3. Bring it to a light boil, add salt to taste.
4. Dish out and serve with palm or coconut sugar (D)

Bubor Cha Cha with Gula Melaka

Emily’s Tips
1. I used to see black beans being added and you can do that if you want cooking the black beans and adding them in step 2 with the rest of the ingredients.
2. You need not stick to all the different coloured sweet potato as the purple potato are sometimes not available.
3. You may choose not to add the tapioca coloured balls or even skip the sago if you need to put something together quickly.
4. Instead of squeezing your own coconut milk, you may choose to buy milk or cream.
5. With the above you can cut the duration down to 30mins.