Private Lesson

Learn directly from Chef Emily

Cook Like a Bibi

Imagine starting with the crisp taste of the Ngoh Hiang skin in your mouth, accompanied with the juicy filling that leaves you desiring for more. Next up, the smell the aromatic Lemak vegetables that makes the most stubborn of children eat those greens. The meal finishes with a home made sweet Chendol that refreshes you and cools you in the hot and humid Singapore. Want to know how to prepare such a sumptuous yet simple meal for your loved ones? I will unveil to you the secrets of Peranakan cooking, excellent at filling your audiences’ bellies full and satisfied.

In my class, we only work with the freshest of ingredients, all natural, to bring forward the truest flavour and texture to the food. I will also share with you the nutritional values or the ingredients used and why some of the recipes are concocted the way it is.

Cooking is a fun and valuable experience, and I intend to keep it that way by sharing with you the traditional method of preparing these Peranakan dishes. During these sessions, I will provide tips of how you can shorten the entire process and share with you ways to enhance the taste of the dishes. Peranakan cooking itself is a fusion food, however its flexibility will allows for a wide spectrum of further fusion foods to be concocted for the more daring, all up to your wildest imaginations.

Coverage during the class:

  1. Introduce ingredients and possible variations
  2. Preparation and cook’s tips/advice
  3. The actual cooking

Class duration will be around 3-4 hours dependent on the choices of the dish, all ingredients included. You can pick up to 4 dishes from the selection menu for the class. The venue will be at your premise.

Terms and Conditions:
• Bookings will be accepted minimum 5 days in advance
• Payment must be made in full 3 days prior to the actual date

Step 1: Fill up the booking form





Date* (Please books 5 days in advance)

Time Slot*  9:00am 2:00pm

Number of persons for the lesson (1-4)?*

Menu (Please pick up to 4 choices from the listed menu. Item marked with * has long preparation and/or cooking time)

 Nonya Ngoh Hiang Sambal Ikan Bilis Kynit Ayam Satay* Cincalok Fried Eggs Tauhur Telor Nonya Bean Curd
 Sambal Vegetables Nonya Lemak Vegetables Nonya Chap Chye Vegetable Curry
 Assam Pedas Fish or Fish Head Assam Prawns Seafood Pineapple Curry Sambal Fried Fish Rempah Seafood
 Nonya Curry Chicken Ayam Pongteh Babi Pongteh* Babi Assam* Lor Bak or Braised Pork Belly* Beef Rendang/Serongdeng* Itek Sio* Ayam Buah Keluak* Babi Buah keluak* Mix Ayam/Babi Buah Keluak* 27. Rempah Ayam (Chicken)
 Bakwan Kepiting Soup* Itek Tim Rempah Ayam
Rice and Noodle
 Nonya Fried Rice Buah Keluak Fried Rice Nonya Mee Siam (Dry and Wet) Penang Laksa Nonya Laksa Nonya Popiah* Kynit Rice* Nasi Lemak*
 Bubur Cha Cha Kueh Salat Onde Onde Chendol Sago Gula Melaka Pulot Hitam

Any special diet or food allergy requirements?

Step 2: Complete the payment of your booking

Private Chef service to be charged based on a minimum of 4 hours.  Which including the shopping and preparation of the ingredients and the actual cooking at your premise. Payment must be made in full 3 days prior the actual lesson day.

The ingredients expenses to be charged at the actual cost and to be paid in cash upon the completing of the actual cooking.

Emily, an enthusiastic home cook for over 25 years, has run and owned a dessert cafe as well as a Peranakan restaurant. She has had extensive experience in teaching private classes, and has catered for large parties and served as a private chef on special occasions.

A versatile and seasoned cook, her humble beginnings started with teachings from her Nonya grandmother and her mother-in-law. Emily’s sophisticated cooking skills that have taken decades to perfect clearly shine through as many the dishes that have graced her restaurant’s menu have been featured in various food and lifestyle magazines, and raved about by local DJs on air. Her mouth-watering traditional Peranakan dishes are flavorful and genuine, and have attracted a loyal customer base.

Cooking is Emily’s number one passion, and she would love to share this passion with others and keep the Peranakan tradition alive. Each Peranakan family has their own special concoction of spices which deviates from family to family. Allow Emily to share with you her unique take on Peranakan dishes in her private class, so you can experience the joy of cooking too!.